Costume Kink Stories

Here at Costume Kink we encourage people to share there cos play stories. Here is one that a reader sent to us a couple of days ago.


sexual cos playHi I am a Male 27 years old. I was going to New York for the Comic-con convention last year when this happened. I was at the convention getting autographs from some comic book writers when I saw a girl that was dressed up like Cammy from street fighter.

I was taken with her from that point on. She came up to me and started to talk with me. I was a little shy when she did and answered her questions. Then her friend came up that was dressed like a storm trooper from Star Wars.

They asked me where I was staying and for how long and what room I was in and I thought nothing about it. After we got some lunch together at pizza place across the street we said good bye and we split. Them going there way and me going back to my hotel to get a nap.

Costume role playingI went down for the nap and after about 30 I heard somebody at the door. I opened it and found the two girls from the Comic-con there. They pushed the door open and told me that they wanted to have some fun. From there it turned into almost a porn like something I would find on It was both of them on me and they were not going to let me go till they got what they wanted. From there we did some role playing and I have to tell you it was one of the most rewarding sexual experiences that I have ever had.

After we were done we decided for them to go back to there room and for us to go get some dinner together in one hour.

I went to go the restaurant at the time we talked about but when I got there they were no where to be found. I waited for about 30 min but they never came.

Sex playI went back to the hotel room and went to bed. I got up the next morning and went to Comic-con hoping to see them again but unfortunately I did not see them. Actually I never saw them again.

I have to say in retrospect that was the best Comic-con that I have ever been to.

Time for Cos play

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